Honey-Oatmeal Sandwich Bread



I found this recipe from a wonderful amazing blog, that is officially my new obsession… It is Brown Eyed Baker (how cute is that name?), and I found this post where she talked about her top ten breads, and then I saw this and just knew, Yes. This, this was my number 11 bread. Michelle is amazing! Totally relatable, and completely amazing. I love her style, and her demeanor. So, it is no wonder that every recipe I see, well I want to make all of them!


So, onto the bread that Michelle helped me with.


Well, holy smokes! Should I say, Honey Smokes!!!?
This week the guy asked for a bread that we could make some tasty homemade sandwiches with. Well, I was thinking at first that I would go the gluten-free range. We both love gluten-free breads they are tasty and the texture is actually what I really love about it all. But, when I was looking at recipes, there are so much ingredients, and flour, and just stuff! Umm, wasn’t ready to make that shopping list.


When I saw this recipe, and all I had to do was run to the store and get some dry milk? That costs only $1.59? Oh yeah, all about it!


Plus! Honey! Bring it on. Oats? Oh baby, pretty sure I’m falling in. Love. ┬áIs it Valentine’s Day again? Because, I’m pretty sure my heart when thumpty-thump when I made a gourmet sandwich for dinner.


So, its easy? You have EVERYTHING in your house? So, yeah, go, do it! Then tell me what’s what. I know for me… I’ll be making this again… Like, maybe resolution up, and this bread every week. (Kidding, I’m having too much fun with this challenge!)

About bridgiskor

Hey all, Thanks for stopping by. This blog will be about my little life, with my dog Yoshi. I am trying to chronicle my adult life living in San Antonio Texas as a mid-twenty something. I love running, cooking, going out and exploring (in the city and outdoors), and coffee, so more than likely this blog will have a pretty diverse input. Though most importantly I want to emphasize a healthy (and still fun) lifestyle, dog included! I got Yoshi in September of 2011 and it was love at first site, I'll make sure to write a post about our little bow-wow-mance, until then look around and I hope you enjoy the escapades of riding along with a work-in-progress, meaning my life.
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