Thursday Thoughts

1. I made a Butternut squash Enchiladas from this mastermind. I’ve never been a big BNS type. All that ended last night.

2. Whenever I think of solo road trips I think of this. Also, I’m the youngest and they only girl.

3. What I really want is someone to do this* for my upcoming trip.

4. I think I have an addiciton to ice cream. I have 3 pints and 1 quart in my fridge. And all I want to do is find a reason to go back to the grocery store (for the third day in a row) and buy another gallon pint.

5. It’s been so long since I’ve been home in Michigan in November, that I literally don’t have any “real” cold weather clothes.

6. Good think I’m driving. NO weight limit! (Said in Oprah-favorite-thing-voice)

7. Also, I am totally planning on stealing my mom’s kitchen aid mixer and food processor.

8. My other addiction? Collecting recipes to make that require the use of both of those things.

9. Like this, and this, and this.

10. On that note, I need to revise my workout schedule to combat all the glutton-ness fun that will happen at my house. I’m thinking running a marathon will do…. A day. Oy vey.

11. And this one too! I can.not.stop.

12. None of that includes the pies.

*Sadly I searched an embarrassingly long time trying to find the actual clip of the scene and to no avail. But, the travel music book, you get the idea. On a brighter side I will be doing the trip with my dog (that’s alive) instead of an urn filled with a loved one. If you haven’t seen the movie, even if Kirsten Dunst bothers you, see it! It’s just fun.

About bridgiskor

Hey all, Thanks for stopping by. This blog will be about my little life, with my dog Yoshi. I am trying to chronicle my adult life living in San Antonio Texas as a mid-twenty something. I love running, cooking, going out and exploring (in the city and outdoors), and coffee, so more than likely this blog will have a pretty diverse input. Though most importantly I want to emphasize a healthy (and still fun) lifestyle, dog included! I got Yoshi in September of 2011 and it was love at first site, I'll make sure to write a post about our little bow-wow-mance, until then look around and I hope you enjoy the escapades of riding along with a work-in-progress, meaning my life.
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